About Me

Certified Personal Trainer, Transformation Specialist & Nutritionist

I'm a certified personal trainer and transformation specialist through ISSA and a nutritionist through Precision Nutrition. I have been weightlifting for several years along with some powerlifting and Olympic lifting. I was a competitive swimmer for more than 8 years. I really enjoyed being active and played other sports as well such as football, basketball, tennis, boxing and more. My passion for fitness and nutrition is literally endless!


 I enjoy eating a variety of foods! Pizza, sushi, shawarma, you name it. I desire to teach and help others to achieve the body they want without any food restrictions and also to develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We all want those fries and look great.


In my teenage years, I struggled with my own body image and the relationship with food. I thought I had to eat as clean and as little as possible in order to look good.


Throughout high school, I had low self-confidence because I always compared how I looked to other girls at school and on social media. I just thought I didn't look "skinny" or good enough. I was constantly judging my own body and ended up starving myself. At one point, I was obsessed with eating only healthy foods and eating as little as 1300 calories which were definitely unhealthy and unsustainable.


I remembered being extremely hungry, and I would start binging afterwards. After each binge, I would feel guilty and start starving myself again. The cycle just continued. I was devastated until one day I realized that I couldn't do this forever. So, I decided to get help and educate myself further. It took me awhile to get to where I am right now, but it was all worth it. 


It is worth it to feel great eating whatever I want while achieving my fitness goals and I want everyone to know how to feel and do the same! Achieving your fitness goals doesn't need to be all or nothing. I am here to guide you to succeed in your fitness journey. If you are struggling with your goals, apply below and I guarantee you won't regret it.


My Vision

My goal is to help individuals achieve their fitness goals by providing nutrition and exercise knowledge, including how to create a workout program, count macros, and more. I want to teach individuals as much knowledge as I can so ultimately, they are able to be independent and sustain their desired physique for life. 

Let's get started!